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Tuscia events

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The historical car race takes place every year in May
  “Mille Miglia” is a long distance race with a long tradition. It was organized for the first time in the 20’s by the Brescia Automobile Club, now RACI (Royal Automobile Club of Italy), with the aim to cover a large part of Italy. Nowadays, the Mille Miglia historical race takes place every year in may. The Mille Miglia historical race starts every year from Brescia, and it reaches some characteristic italian town, like Bologna, Rome, Urbino, Siena, and so on, to come back to Brescia.
Mille Miglia historical race lasts 5 days.
  The traditional Barabbata festival takes place in Marta every year on the 14th May .
It’s an ancient tradition born over 500 years ago: by a thanksgiving procession, all men in Marta (only men can walk in this procession) prepare big carts rich of flowers, fruits, fishes, agricultural produces, and drive them to the “Madonna del Monte” Church to honour the Virgin Mary, her son Jesus, and the Holy Sacrament. You will see a perfect model of local people ancient life and work.
Carnival in Ronciglione

Annually during Carnival, the famous celebratory Carnival at Ronciglione takes place.

The Ronciglione Carnival is the largest and most famous of all carnivals in the province of Viterbo . Many features of the parade includes, the “hussar floats”, the Masks parade, the dances, allegorical floats and the racing of horses without jockeys.

Corpus Domini (Body of Christ)

Every year the festivity of the Body of Christ is celebrated in Bolsena.

The 1263 Eucharistic Miracle of Bolsena
In 1263, during a pilgrimage to Rome, a Bohemian priest stopped in Bolsena to celebrate mass. During the Eucharist whilst breaking the consecrated Host, he was consumed with doubt about the authenticity of the Host containing the body of Christ. At this precise moment some drops of blood fell from the host and stained his frock (actually preserved in the Cathedral Dome of Orvieto) and on some altar stones - also preserved in the precious equerries in the Cathedral of St. Christine in Bolsena.

During this festivity the streets of Bolsena are strewn with a rich floral carpet inlaid with geometrical designs, symbols and spiritual scenes.

San Pellegrino in fiore

Flowers In Viterbo medieval quarter of san Pellegrino
A renewal of a traditional celebration of a city's love for flowers takes place in San Pellegrino in 2008.

It takes place in the heart of Viterbo, between the historic centre and its medieval quarter along a route that tells the history, art and architecture of this beautiful place.

The flowers are displayed in abundance on windows, adorn balconies, under porticos, and festoon the narrow streets, little squares and fountains making it truly atmospheric, aromatic, visually striking and memorable.

Fair of the wine - 1 - 15 August

Annually from 1st to 15th August the traditional “Fair of the wine” takes place in Montefiascone.
During the first half of the month the traditional appointment with the wines of lake Bolsena takes place with the “Palio of the Quarters” (a competitive race between the quarters of the village) and the historic procession that involves the arrival of the Abbot Defuc to Montefiascone ( the famous father of the tasty wine Est! Est!! Est!!! During the Festival an antique show takes place in the Popes palace along with musical performances, sporting competitions, folklore, gastronomic and movie exhibitions.

The “Macchina di Santa Rosa ” (the “machine of Saint Rose)

3 September
Is the most spectacular religious event of Viterbo. On the 3rd of September, an imposing illuminated “tower” (macchina) is carried in procession by 100 porters, the Facchini. This celebration is a tribute to the patron saint of the city, St. Rose, who lived in the 13th century and whose memory is evoked in this unique celebration by the citizens of Viterbo.

It is a remarkable feast noted for its beauty, sense of occasion and emotion.

The macchina di Santa Rosa consists of a tower lit by torchlights, constructed of light modern materials like fibreglass, which has replaced in recent times the traditional materials like iron, wood and paper-pulp. It is 30m in height and weighs 5 tons.

On the evening of 3rd of Sept it is lifted and carried on the shoulders of hundreds of strong men called “facchini”.

It is carried in a distance of a kilometer, along the narrow streets and squares of the city centre, followed by a crowd “in delirium”, whose hearts are full of emotion, pride, happiness and fear. In any case every description of this event differs and the written word and camera can not accurately portray the sentiments, sense of occasion and emotions. It has to be experienced personally as each year creates new, differing and lasting impressions.

Baroque Festival

Monuments and churches become magic listening places

Baroque Festival is the most important Tuscia exhibition, it’ a showcase of baroque music that takes place each year in Viterbo and in some others intersting town near Viterbo. Monuments and churches become special listening places. The good acoustics – as the famous Uto Ughi said during one of his concert – and the charming atmosphere, offer a festival that, even if very exclusive, can count on a very affectionate public.



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