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Our products from the earth to the table
In our holiday farmhouse we use an original and primitive technique of agriculture, in an unspoilt environment rich of colours, perfumes and wild animals like foxes, porcupines, turtles and hedgehogs. Here you can find beans, chick-peas, tomatoes, potatoes, great ingredients to prepare delicious recipes seasoned with olive oil and tasted with the typical DOC local wine Est! Est!! Est!!! in our fireplaces and barbecues!!!

We just started our production of raspberries and blackberries.

If you like preparing flavoured recipes using our products, you can cook them in our fireplace

The origins of Montefiascone and of the Est! Est!! Est!!! wine
The agriturismo Casone is situated to 500 meters on the level of the sea, where climate is mild and summers are fresh and ventilated.Montefiascone has a stupendous position and it offers you a panorama without equal, at 639 meters on the eyelash of a crater. The Cimini hills, the great lowland etruscas up to the sea, the hills of the Tolfa and Alllumiere, the hills of Canino and the Argentario Mountain, the stupendous mass of the Amiata mountain, the Cetone mountain, Radicofani’s Peak, the Fiora mountain and the hills toward Siena form the crown that surrounds Montefiascone.
Montefiascone is also wet from the stupendous Bolsena lake with its two islands Martana and Bisentina. Martana island became famous because there was first relegated and then killed Amalasunta, the queen of the Goths; Bisentina island is known for Sangallo and Vignola works, and for of the family Farnese graves.
Montefiascone, has Etruscan and Roman origins, was coasted along from the street Cassia. This ancient road rose on the peak of the hill (still visible and well preserved). From here began the actual "Umbro Casentinese" road, now known as “strada statale numero 71”, that went to Orvieto to continue toward Chiusi and Cortona. From the hilltop now began Verentana provincial road that takes to Tuscany, to Pitigliano and Sovana. We couldn’t forget the ancient Clodia road that from Tuscania took to Montefiascone.

The first documents that quote the origins of Montefiascone go back up to 853 A.C.
Montefiascone situated to the center of important streets of communication, where important characters of the epoch sojournd, from Pious pope VII to the countess Matilde, from the king Enrico V to the emperor Barbarossa. Was in this epoch that Pope Innocenzo III stayed different time, followed by the popes Urbano IV, Martin IV, Giulio II, Leo X, Giulio III and Clemente VII, and the stupendous Fortress of the Popes was built.
In the XIII century, Henry V, emperor of the Sacred Romano Impero, with 30 thousand soldiers and a great group of administrators and jurists went down in Italy.
History says that that among the group there was Giovanni Defuc, squire of feudal Germany, big wine drinker, who that stricken by the excellent quality of Montefiascone wine he visited various wine cellars and inns and contrarily to what had tasted to Montepulciano where wrote on the door of the wine cellar! Est!! (or rather "there is there is"), on that of Montefiascone wrote three Est times: Est! Est!! Est!!!, for its excellent quality. So, he decided to stay in Montefiascone, where he died in the XIII because of drinking; you can still visit his grave near St. Flaviano basilica.
This is the history that made Montefiascone Est! Est!! Est!!! wines famous both in Italy and in the world, with its appreciated wines labels like “Il Vescovo”, “Il poggio dei Gelsi” and “Montiano”. Est! Est!! Est!!! wines gives to Montefiascone a respected status in center Italy high quality wine production.

Every year,from the 1st to the 15th Agust the traditional “Fiera del Vino” (wine fair) takes place. Music, shows, historical procession, the Defuc death recalling, flag-waving performance in medieval costume, and numerous wine cellar in which you can taste Montefiascone (and surroundings) wines and tipical food.


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